The final spring break

My final spring break before graduating and entering the workforce is one that I am determined to make the best yet. Tomorrow, 23 girls and I will caravan to Destin, Florida, where we will share a house for a week. My overarching goal of the week is to enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere, while making memories with my closest

To achieve these goals, maximizing the potential of my final spring break, my objectives are to spend at least six hours outside each day. Another objective would be to go out to eat authentic seafood at least once a day. As I am usually very busy with school and work, I am making an object to enjoy this free time by reading one novel over the course of the week.

To assure that I get to eat seafood at least once a day, I will research good restaurants with fresh and local menu items. This is going to be my strategy for achieving my objective to eat a lot of seafood.

My favorite restaurant along 30A in Florida is called the Red Bar. It has the most wonderful food I have ever eaten and is right off the beach. The atmosphere is unbeatable. In order to eat seafood at least once per day, I will make an effort to go to the Red Bar during my vacation. This will be one of my tactics to achieve my

A strategy to make sure that I am able to spend at least six hours a day outside will be to purchase items that will enhance my beach and outdoor experience. My tactics in this adventure, will be to make a trip to buy a beach chair, some beach games and a football. I plan to be thorough when shopping for this trip, walking up and down every isle in Walmart. Another tactic will be to make sure that I am safe being outdoors for at least six hours a day by purchasing sunscreen and water bottles to protect my skin and stay hydrated.

My strategy to finish a novel by the end of the spring break week, is to do research and find the perfect book to buy for the week. A tactic in this objective is to look online for book reviews and ask friends and family for suggestions. This objective will also encourage me to be outside reading, therefore it is an event and task that will help me spend at least six hours a day outside.14670637_10211180076328201_7765047171958309154_n

I will know that my goals have been met if I keep track of how much time I am spending outside and if I am able to meet my objectives of eating seafood at least once a day and reading a novel. At the end of the trip though, my success will ultimately be evaluated by how much fun I had and the memories I created. I have no doubt that with this PR styled plan, that I will have a wonderful time and make unforgettable memories.

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