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College is a time in your life where many difficult choices are made. Quickly approaching the end of my undergraduate career next month, I am freshly aware of these decisions. I would confidently say, though, that I do not regret any of the choices I have made.
One of the toughest decisions of college is deciding your major. It defines who you are to some extent. Your major gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself and create goals and even dreams. I chose public relations for a few reasons, and am leaving the coursework thankful for my choice for many more reasons
than I could have ever expected.lizzyresume

I originally chose public relations because I like people, efficiency and writing. While all of these are prominent in this coursework, I have learned so much more and could not be more thankful. I now love public relations because it is fast-paced, organized, systematic and creative. If any of these words sound attractive to you, then I would not hesitate to point you toward this major.

The coursework at Auburn University has made me a better writer, a stronger communicator and a more intent listener. Through the constant – and I mean constant – projects and presentations, I have learned how to work with others in a group setting. This skill is invaluable, regardless of what work environment you enter into. I have also become more comfortable communicating with people and in front of audiences.

The community created within Auburn’s public relations major is the best and most unique support system I have been exposed to during my time in college. Everyone is learning the same things in our courses, yet we all retain it in a different way and can apply our learnings to different industries, goals and ideas. It has been so rewarding to watch the unique fashion with which everyone has displayed what they are learning.

The public relations coursework is constantly building on itself, as each subject and system is expanded on in each subject. Each class gives you the opportunity to see an idea or theory through a new angle with a new client, as most of our classes have given us the unique opportunity to have real world clients and create real world public relations campaigns for them.

17021430_10212414216134140_4935470303164036455_nI have also found joy in watching everyone begin to move onto their next steps, post-graduation. I am proud to announce that I have just accepted a job offer in a sales position, where I get the opportunity to utilize my skills from Auburn’s public relations program, while continuing to learn everyday. It is so wonderful to me that there are so many different careers that can be created with this degree. I am excited to use the foundation of relationship building skills which I have developed as a public relations major to make an impact and succeed in my position within the IT staffing industry. This versatile major has given me many options in my job search, and I have been able to really figure out what is important to me and where I can see myself continuing to grow.

One thought on “Making your way

  1. Congratulations, Lizzy! Congratulations on the completion of your degree and graduation! Auburn is proud of you.

    Loved reading about your impressions of your progression through college coursework and how it helped you grow and prepare for post-grad life. I know you’ll do well! Also, as a personal aside, I kinda teared up a bit seeing that you’re still using your blog. Oh, I know you may be doing this for yet another class … but it’s wonderful to hear your voice and I hope you’ll keep up with the writing.

    Wonderful story and AU’s public relations program can point to this as thumbs up recommendation, too. Good luck and go rock the world like only Lizzy can do!

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