The Southerly Warehouse opens in downtown Opelika

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The Southerly Warehouse is now open in the historic district of Opelika as a new industrial-styled event venue.

The space is a 5,519 square feet nineteenth century warehouse. It has on-site parking and is within walking distance of downtown Opelika. The venue is both an indoor and outdoor space with a removable stage and a large bride’s room.

The venue owners, Ashely and John Marsh, created this venue with a vision to cultivate a unique experience for their customers, therefore serving a niche role in the community. The couple has completed over 100 renovations in Opelika.

“One thing you can’t duplicate is the feel of something that has history,” said John, “there is nothing like this with a story like this.”

Also contributing to The Southerly Warehouse are Beth Walton, owner of Above and Beyond Catering, and Alex Neumann, creative director for The Southerly Warehouse. Neumann has been working with Ashley since Neumann was a student intern four years ago.

Above and Beyond Catering is also the in-house caterer for the venue. Walton and the Marsh’s have known each other for almost 20 years.

Exposed, original brick walls, wooden-beamed ceilings and antique chandeliers are the bones of this venue’s design. “I won’t say I have an eye for design, but that I have a heart for it,” said Ashely on her vision for this space.

They chose the name for the various definitions of “southerly,” which are “to have a truly southern experience” and “of the southern winds.”

This visionary group envisions building an entire community with the same historical, industrial atmosphere around the existing Southerly brand. “Our heart is that this is the keystone to a great community of technology, creativity and hospitality,” John said.

Located at 1007 Avenue B, you can contact The Southerly Warehouse at 334-749-5616 and visit them at

Above and Beyond Catering is available for contact at or 334-524-9256.

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